101 Hook & Headline Formulas

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Use these for content ideas, email and sales copy, etc. Fill in the [brackets] with your unique message and niche-related content.

1. How to [achieve specific result] without [thing they don’t want].

2. Here’s why most [target audience] fail to [achieve desired result], and how you can avoid becoming part of this statistic.

3. Want to [achieve specific result] but don’t want to [thing they don’t want to do]? Try this.

4. The days of [old, outdated, or inferior methods] are over. Here’s how to [achieve specific result] without all the struggle.

5. If you’re a [target audience] who wants to [achieve specific result] without [thing they don’t want to do], then this message is for you.

6. A lot of [target audience] want to [achieve specific result] but don’t want to [thing they don’t want to do] in the process. Here’s how you can make that happen.

7. Here’s a crucial mistake most [target audience] make when trying to [achieve specific result].

8. [Thing they don’t want to do but think they have to] just to [achieve specific result]? It doesn’t have to be that way.

9. Want to [achieve specific result]? Here are the exact steps I took.

10. A lot of [target audience] believe it’s normal to [do this difficult thing] when trying to [achieve specific result], but what if you could do it without that? Here’s how.

11. It’s time to stop [using old, outdated, or inferior method]. Here’s an easier path to [achieve specific result].

12. What’s the most beginner-friendly way to [achieve specific result]?

13. Trying to [achieve specific result]? I wish I knew this a long time ago when I started on this journey.

14. To be honest, most [target audience] fail when trying to [achieve specific result]. Here's why...

15. Are you a [target audience] who's trying to [achieve specific result]? Then this message is for you.

16. I don’t know any better way than this to [achieve desired result] if you’re a [target audience]

17. I was tired of [using this difficult way of getting results], so I did this instead.

18. This is for the [target audience] who want to [achieve desired result] without [thing you don’t want to do]

19. Here are the [number] possible ways I know of to [achieve desired result] as a [target audience]

20. Why I don’t [old, outdated, or inferior method] as a [target audience] and why you shouldn’t either.

21. Tell me I’m not the only [target audience] who thinks [old, outdated, or inferior method]] is not the ideal way to [achieve specific result].

22. Every [target audience] who wants to [achieve desired result] needs to know these things.

23. [Number] reasons why [thing they believe they have to do but actually don’t] is not required to [achieve desired result].

24. The #1 thing I tell every [target audience] who’s trying to [achieve desired result] is…

25. Next time you find yourself struggling to [achieve specific result], try this…

26. If you ever find yourself [using old, outdated, difficult, or inferior method] just to [achieve desired result], consider this.

27. [target audience] need to stop doing this…

28. If you’re a [target audience] trying to [achieve desired result], here’s a tough but necessary pill to swallow…

29. This is the easiest way I know of to [achieve desired result] without [using this difficult or outdated method].

30. Use with caution. [Achieving desired result] has never been this easy and might make your friends jealous.

31. If you’re struggling with [achieving desired result], steal this strategy from me.

32. As a [target audience], here’s what I would do to [achieve desired result] without [using old, outdated, or difficult method].

33. Here’s the #1 reason why a lot of [target audience] struggle to [achieve specific result]

34. This is a total game-changer for [target audience] who are trying to [achieve desired result]

35. [Using this typical approach] on the path to [achieving desired result] is totally normal, but here’s something I discovered that makes the journey feel a lot easier.

36. I have this theory on why [target audience] often struggle to [achieve desired result]

37. For a long time, I was [using old, outdated, or difficult method] to [achieve desired result], until I realized there’s a better way.

38. If I had to start all over, here are [number] things I would do to [achieve desired result] without [using old, outdated, or difficult method]

39. The common way of [achieving desired result] usually involves [typical but inferior method]. Well, here’s an uncommon way that might feel a lot better to you.

40. Do this one thing and I promise you’ll be able to [achieve specific result]

41. Anyone telling you that you have to [old, outdated, or difficult method] just to [achieve desired result] is wrong. Here’s why.

42. Here’s a quote every [target audience] needs to hear right now.

43. The hard truth about [achieving desired result]

44. Why I don’t [use old, outdated, or difficult method] and still am able to [achieve specific result]

45. Not enough people are talking about the fact that you don’t have to [use old, outdated, or difficult method] to [achieve desired result] as a [target audience].

46. What do you do when you’re trying to [achieve specific result] but you’re tired of [using old, outdated, or difficult method]?

47. [target audience], here’s a better way to [achieve desired result] that doesn’t involve [using old, outdated, or difficult method]

48. Here’s a common misconception people have about [niche] that makes it harder for them to succeed.

49. If I could rewind time, here’s what I would do differently if I was trying to [achieve desired result] in the shortest time possible.

50. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to [achieve desired result] when you’re making these common mistakes.

51. To be successful when it comes to [niche], there are a few truths you should know and understand.

52. So I invented this method for [achieving specific result] without [difficult process]. Here’s an overview.

53. The more I stressed about [achieving desired result], the less I was able to make it happen. Here's why.

54. A lot of people ask me [common question]? Here's my most common response.

55. Here's a truth most [target audience] don't want to hear. There's a reason most struggle to [achieve desired result] and it's not because of any lack of opportunity.

56. If I could start my [niche] journey over again, here are 7 things I'd do differently.

57. Trying to [achieve specific result] but feeling [negative feeling]? Here's a method to help you move forward more gracefully.

58. Most [target audience] want more [metric for increase], but few will achieve it because they're [making this common mistake]

59. Increasing your [metric for increase] can seem like a relatively straightforward process, but why do we so often sabotage ourselves when trying? Here's what I've realized through my own struggle:

60. [Common question]? My answer might surprise you.

61. When I started [niche], I thought it would be all sunshine and rainbows. Then I realized it requires more than just know-how. Here's what I wish I learned sooner:

62. If I had to sum up what it takes to [achieve desired result] in 3 sentences, here's what I'd say:

63. I understand why people believe that [common misconception], but I think there's a far better option.

64. All these [target audience] are spinning their wheels trying to [achieve desired result], but they don't realize they're making a critical mistake. I only say this because I was making the same mistake, and it kept me feeling [negative feeling] for years.

65. When trying to [achieve desired result], it's helpful to keep in mind these 3 fundamental truths.

66. I've never met a [target audience] who hasn't made at least one of these mistakes when trying to [achieve desired result].

67. What is it that truly separates a successful [target audience] from an unsuccessful one? Here are my observations:

68. Want more [metric for increase]? Here are 3 things to avoid and then 3 things to focus on. This is just my opinion based on my experience. Take it or leave it.

69. Some [target audience] make [achieving desired result] look so easy. Here's what I've observed that I believe separates them from those who struggle to get the same results.

70. I don't think enough people fully realize that [your unique realization or insight]

71. If you're a [target audience] trying to [achieve desired result], you'll be thankful you spent a minute of your life to watch this.

72. When setting out on the path to [achieving desired result], it's normal to feel [negative feeling], but if you avoid this common mistake, I think you'll have an easier time.

73. Feeling [negative feeling] is common amongst those who are trying to [achieve specifc result]. Here’s how to start feeling [positive feeling] instead.

74. 3 counter-intuitive truths about [niche] and what it takes to succeed.

75. The craziest thing happened when I started my [niche] journey

76. Here's every step needed in order to [achieve specific result] in 60 seconds or less

77. Here are 3 hacks I used to start [achieving specific result] without [difficult thing they want to avoid]

78. Tell me if you can spot the mistake this [target audience] made when trying to [achieve desired result]. Here's their story.

79. 3 reasons why most [target audience] struggle to skyrocket their [metric for increase], even though they work hard and have the best of intentions.

80. These 3 [niche] myths keep people trapped living far below their potential.

81. Stop worrying about [achieving desired result]. Just make it happen using this method.

82. Boost your [metric for increase] without [negative feeling] using this counter-intuitive strategy.

83. [Achieving desired result] as a [target audience] is not as straightforward as some people make it seem. Here's what I wish people had taught me when I started.

84. Sure, you can [use difficult or outdated method] to [achieve desired result], but just because something works doesn't mean it's the best way for everyone. Here's an approach that you might find more enjoyable.

85. 3 strange things I do that help me [achieve desired result].

86. [Niche] has changed. Here are 3 trends I'm noticing that you should pay attention to if you want to [achieve desired result] and ensure your success going forward.

87. Have you ever asked, [common question]? It's a common question I get. Here's an uncommon answer.

88. The gurus wanna make you believe that [achieving desired result] is as simple as following their step by step system. Here's the truth [explain why the roots of the problem go deeper than most realize].

89. I spent months/years studying [niche] so you don't have to. Here's [number] months/years of learning condensed into 60 seconds.

90. If most of the information about how to [achieve desired result] is out there on Google for free, why do so many still not have what they want?

91. Feeling [negative feeling] because you've been told you have to [use difficult process] just to [achieve specific result]?

92. Here's a new way to get the same if not better results without ever [using this difficult or outdated method].

93. When I stopped [making common mistake], [achieving desired result] became a whole lot easier. Here's how/why.

94. Tell me if you can relate. You set out to [achieve desired result] and start feeling [positive feeling], but then results aren't what you expect, so you start feeling [negative feeling] and slow way down or give up, only to repeat the cycle all over again. I've been there. Here's what I would tell my past self.

95. Now is the best time in history to be a [target audience]. Here's why.

96. If only I knew this about [niche] 10 years ago, I'd have gotten to where I want to be a lot sooner. Here's what I would tell my past self if I had the chance.

97. The world of [niche] has become saturated with fake gurus. Here's how to tell a real from a fake.

98. If [achieving desired result] was as simple as knowing the right information, we'd all be where we want to be, because the information is free. Here are 3 deeper reasons for failure that most [target audience] overlook.

99. Every day I feel a bit of regret for not learning about [niche] sooner. Here's a brief look at the incredible opportunities available right now.

100. Why is no one in the [niche] world talking about this right now?

101. Am I the only one who is tired of being told that in order to [achieve desired result], I have to [use this difficult or outdated method]?

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