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How to Prepare for a Personal Branding Photoshoot

Your personal brand is a visual and auditory representation of YOU. There is no better way to get the audience to experience your brand than having your own visuals and sound. But, for now, let's talk about how to prepare for your personal branding photoshoot. We will go into more details about branding in more blog posts.

Your own personally branded photos will keep your visuals ON POINT – whether you're creating your website, posting on social media, or putting together an online course / packages.

Now I'm assuming that you already know the importance of hiring a professional photographer to shoot your delicious new on brand photos. So, now what?

How do you prepare for a Personal Branding photoshoot?

I'm going to break it down in bite size pieces because I know it can be overwhelming and can bring up a bunch of personal issues. Lots of clients start to think about the way they look, or they say they are not good in front of the camera etc. This is where you should stop thinking about YOU personally and start thinking of YOU as an external product. People will make a decision about you or your business whether you have personally branded photos or not. So, aren't you better off knowing what your brand is and displaying exactly what you want to?

First, you must know ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your audience? - if you have a client avatar you are a amazing!
  • Who do you want to attract? 
  • What do they do?
  • Where will the photos be used?
  • How will the photos be used?

Next make sure you do this... 

1. Create an artboard / Pinterest board with inspiration photos.

You might like the colours, composition, feeling, pose etc of the photo. Look at people you admire get inspiration from those photos.

Personal branding Pinterest board of ideas to help your photographer understand what you expect

personal branding photoshoot boardPersonal branding photoshoot artboard example

2. Plan out your outfit.

If you have different looks then you need to pack each outfit in sectioned off bags. The faster you can do a costume change the more photos the photographer can take on your shoot. The more shots, the more options for you at the end of the day! Make sure the style complements your brand.

3. Bring lots of props

Bring props that are related to your work and what you do. For digital people, a laptop, favourite mug, pens, notebooks etc. Go wild with your imagination.

4. Bring an assistant

If you can bring a helper – they will be able to help put together props, wardrobe, hair etc. while we are taking photos. Sometimes, the photographer is focusing on composition, lighting, direction etc and they might not notice that your hair is in your eyes. Having an assistant can be amazing, especially if they are aware of what you are after.

5. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before

This is probably the hardest task of all. You're probably busy getting everything sorted the night before but you need to make sure it's all done beforehand. If you don't rest, you start the day looking tired and that's probably not what you want to capture in your shots.

This one is fun

Yes, fun but not necessary, bring music with you. What kind of music to you like? What motivates you? What makes you dance? What makes you relax? You might want to break out the music to help you feel more comfortable during the shoot.

Published 05 August 2019
Written by Andre Content

A content marketing provider with a relationship approach.

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