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Top 16 Testimonial Questions for High Quality Videos

Testimonials are the bread to your butter when it comes to creating 'social proof', in other words, evidence that your product or service is worth people's money.

In an age where businesses seem to be sprouting up everywhere and customer acquisition costs are rising, it makes sense to try to get a high conversion rate for any marketing you do for your business. 

What is social 'proof'?

This strange notion of social proof is valued more now than ever and to be fair, social proof isn't a new thing. In fact, humans have relied on the advice and experience of others since well before the written word existed. It's how we have succeeded as a species and why we still exist today. We are social creatures and rely very much on the communication of knowledge from those around us.

In this day and age, while we still rely on word of mouth from friends and family, the internet allows us to gather the advice and opinions of others who've used a product or service before us, and en masse. By now, you probably already know that online reviews on platforms such as Google or Facebook can play a critical role in whether someone engages with your business or not. 

Hearing about another person's experience can make or break someone's perspective of your business, despite all your other efforts. Even if the initial review was written by a complete stranger or someone very different from the reader, we value social proof highly, and often trust a third party account of events over most other forms of marketing.

This is why video testimonials are incredibly effective in providing social proof and demonstating to users why they should trust your business. Seeing a real person, likely similar to themselves, speaking about their experiences with your business is compelling evidence that they too can trust your business.

Video Testimonials for Small Business

Having a testimonial video on your website - or better yet, several - is a game changer when it comes to proving the value and reliability of your service. Creating testimonial videos with your clients can be a daunting prospect in the beginning, but don't fret - even a slightly-awkward, poorly-produced video can do wonders for trust and compete with the shiniest and most professional ad campaigns.

If you want your testimonial videos to look amazing, we can certainly help you out in that department. We even have some tips for you to get started in video marketing for your business, because video content is increasing in popularlity each year, and there's no sign of slowing down.

But if you do just one video to market your business, start with a video testimonial for social proof. You'll not only have fun and learn a lot along the way, but you'll get to know your clients better and what your business has really done for them - all while creating an invaluable piece of content building trust for future prospects.

To make things easier for you and get you started on your journey, we've prepared some testimonial questions for you to ask your clients. You can use a few or all of them, or even reach out to us with your own questions and let us know how your video goes!


Testimonial questions for your customers.

  1. What was the problem that made you look for a product / service like ours?

    This enquiry will prompt your customer to describe how horrible things were before they bought your product or service. It also helps the viewer to relate as they will likely be in exactly this position when they see the video. 

  2. Where did you start your search?

    They'll subconsciously lead someone to do what they did by telling how they started looking for a solution. Customers will have a clear path to purchase your product as a result, making purchasing decisions much easier. If leads can relate to your customer's starting point, they'll see your business as a shortcut to long-term success.

  3. What made our product or service stand out from other options?

    Leads frequently compare items amongst competitors, and asking this question shows them what your product or service's X factor or USP is.

    Furthermore, because it is a testimonial, leads are more inclined to believe these claims than traditional advertising. It's one thing if your company claims to be superior than its competition; it's a whole different ballgame if your consumers say so. Client advocacy is critical for lead generation and customer retention.

  4. What was the stumbling block that kept you from purchasing our product or service?

    Taking the plunge and making a significant purchase is challenging for most people. Your clients are likely to have similar anxieties when presented with difficult purchasing decisions. Other potential customers will be encouraged to express their objections — and how they overcame them — if they do so openly.

    Your marketing and customer care teams can also use this data to improve the customer experience. By identifying the biggest roadblocks to lead conversion, you can eliminate these distractions and improve lead conversion.

    Testimonial questions for videos
  5. What sold you on buying this product or service?

    What was the deciding factor in your customer's choice to buy? Was that one of the product's features? What is the name of the customer service department at your company? How much does it cost? This will let potential customers decide what is most essential to them after reading or listening to the testimony. This will also tell your marketing department which aspects of your business are the most appealing to customers.

  6. What made you happiest about working with our company?

    This question will highlight the finest thing about doing business with you, whether it's because your product is straightforward to use, you give excellent customer service, or you offer a variety of payment options. If you emphasise this, potential leads will understand how your organisation aligns itself with customer goals. It also helps to continue to narrative set out in question 1 and the solutions your company has provided for their problems - a very enticing point for viewers.

  7. Since working with us, what have you been able to achieve?

    Results can be exceedingly persuasive. With this question, you prompt your customers to think about their experience with your product in terms of the impact you’ve created. Maybe their revenue increased by $30,000 or they won 15% more customers than they did last year. These quantifiable, tangible wins sell your product for you and ensure the opinion being shown is backed by facts.

  8. What about our business surprised you the most?

    This question collects information on how your clients see your brand. Customers have a certain goal in mind when they originally purchased your product.

    Some customers, on the other hand, will realise that your company offers extra benefits, such as rewards and loyalty programmes, or additional services that allow them to achieve more than they expected. By gathering these stories, you can show leads that your company is focused on the entire customer experience, not just on selling a product.

  9. What would you tell someone who's considering our business?

    Customer testimonials are great for influencing leads to buy your product while they're thinking about doing business with you. In fact, at least 87 percent of leads read customer reviews before making a purchase.

    If your customers offer leads help during the purchase process, your sales and marketing teams will be able to capitalise on timely opportunities to convert leads. They'll be able to anticipate when leads will hit roadblocks and what they'll need to say to get around them.

    This is also a great word of mouth activity, this person is no longer a stranger to the viewer and are providing their genuine encouragement and refferal for your business.

  10. If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

    You may find out what your consumers like best about you by asking them to summarise their thoughts and feelings about your company in one word. Is it because you put in a lot of effort? Helpful? Personable? This enquiry must be focused on you as a company rather than your goods. This will allow potential customers to get a feel of who you are and what it's like to work with you. If your customer needs a little help with this one then they can use 2 or 3 words, it's all in good fun!

    Testimonial questions for videos
  11. How was your experience working with us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Most businesses were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many experienced financial losses. How easy was it for your customers to work with you at this difficult time? By encouraging customers to share, you'll demonstrate to prospects that you care about them in difficult times.

    It's especially telling because your company is likely to have faced difficulties as well. You put your consumers' needs before of your own by making it simple to deal with you in your projects. If you go out of your way to assist clients during this period, you should definitely ask them to tell you about it.

  12. If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite feature of our product or service?

    It's not enough to simply enquire about the customer's prefered feature. Ask about how it has benefited them specifically so that potential customers might envision themselves benefiting in the same way.

    If your customers didn't mention product features in their previous responses, you can utilise this one to elicit a more product-specific response.

  13. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our product or service to others?

    This question is a winner since it's simple to complete and provides a numerical assessment of your customers' satisfaction with you.

  14. What's the main reason you recommend our product or service?

    When it comes to deciding whether or not to buy from you, what is the bottom line? Everything will be laid out for you in this response. After all, leads like to work with trustworthy individuals, and this enquiry encourages consumers to provide you with an unbiased reference.

  15. What’s one story of success that wouldn’t have been possible without our service or product?

    Concentrate on just one success story and give your customers the option of choosing which one they prefer. They can offer a financial, personal, and team-wide anecdote and then decide which is best. You might find that your service has enabled them to spend more time with their families  or inspired them in other areas of business or life. Whatever it is, it demonstrates how important your product is to your customers' success and provide incentive your prospects may not have even considered.

  16. What would you change about our product or service, if anything?

    Now this one is for the confident and those open to constructive criticism and like all the other questions, it's not compulsory, but it's a great question to ask your clients. If you're doing everything right, they might say "nothing!", or they might surprise you and say something like "I almost wish George wasn't so efficient! It means I have to have everything ready for him each week. It's actually a great thing because I'm normally a little disorganised."

    You might even get something heartfelt and sweet like "I wish Amanda would call more often, she always makes me laugh when we go over spreadsheets!" or you might discover a weak point you weren't aware of when you hear something along the lines of "I actually liked the old system they were using, I found it easier to use but the new one is okay". Do not despair over constructive critiscism, use it to develop your business further and strengthen your service. However, if it's not in your best interest to include it in the video, it doesn't have make the final cut, it's still a great exercise in improving your business and being heard is incredibly important to customers.

Lights... Camera... Action!

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Published 31 August 2021
Written by Andre Content

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