My Amazing ChatGPT Prompts

I Need Amazing SEO Copy

In a moment you're going to act as a SEO article writer and create a SEO article for the search phrase "[SEARCH PHRASE]". Before you begin, you must read all the information in this prompt.

Subject context is that there are readers looking for a quality service provider who can help them with the search phrase. They might be considering the best options with who to work with. This article should answer their most common questions and help them understand that the business [BUSINESS NAME] will be able to help them.

[BUSINESS DETAILS and about the business] 

Target audience is … 

You'll be using markdown syntax to write a fully detailed, long-form article that as a minimum of 1500 words. Ensure that the content is 100% unique, creative, and uses words and phrases that a typical 7th grade student will be able to understand.

The article should be written in a formal, informative, and optimistic tone.

Before starting this article, develop a comprehensive "Outline" for the search phrase featuring at least 15 engaging headings and subheadings. You must use LSI Keywords in headings and sub-headings without mentioning them in the "Content". Must show these "Outlines" in a table. Where possible, make the headings and subheadings include the search phrase. When developing the outline consider what readers want to know about this topic so that when you create the article it satisfies the readers questions.

Use English (UK) for the article and write at least 400 words of engaging content under each and every Heading. This article should show the experience, expertise, authority and trust for the search term. Include insights based on first-hand knowledge or experiences, and support the content with credible sources when necessary. Focus on providing accurate, relevant, and helpful information to readers, showcasing both subject matter expertise and personal experience about the search phrase.

Write engaging, unique, and plagiarism-free content that incorporates a human-like style. Use simple English and bypass AI detector tests directly without mentioning them. Try to use contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms, and avoid repetitive words and unnatural sentence structures.

The article must include:
A SEO meta-description right before the title no longer than 156 characters. You must include the search term in the meta-description.
A click-worthy short title no longer than 60 characters.
An introduction that includes the search term.
Write down at least six FAQs with answers and a conclusion relating to the search phrase.

Use the seed search phrase as the first H2. Always use a combination of paragraphs, lists, and tables for a better reader experience. Use fully detailed paragraphs that engage the reader.

Don't assign Numbers to Headings. Don't assign numbers to Questions. Use a question mark (?) at the end of question in the FAQs.

Try to use the search phrase 3 times in the article. Where possible include the search phrase the headings as well. Make sure the Keyword Density is 1.30. Create At least one relevant external link in the content.

Before you begin, ask me any questions that you need answered in order to write the best article.

I Need a YouTube Script

Create a YouTube script that is optimised for the search term "[KEYPHRASE]". Ensure that the key phrase is in the script in the introduction and throughout the script at least 5 times. The aim of this video is to get first page listing on YouTubes results page. The second aim is to help viewers feel motivated to contact [BUSINESS] to help them with their [KEYPHRASE] needs. Ask me any questions prior to starting in order to make this the best script possible.

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