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If you're hitting this page you know the value of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

How will you know if a SEO company will help you rank first on Google, Bing, Youtube, and even on Facebook?

There are many avenues to focus SEO energies so we look at your overall goal and create a bespoke program that is specific to your desired goals.

So you have a website...

How the heck do you get this website appearing on the first page of Google?

Great question, here are just some factors that we focus on as a dedicated SEO company -

On-Page OptimisationLocal Search Optimisation; Content CreationAuthority Building, and well... a whole heap of other factors to boot.

As SEO Experts, our job is to get your website ranking on search engines for the exact phrases that will get you clients.

SEO Services Include

On-Page Optimisation Icon

On-Page Optimisation

We optimize the content, source code, meta data and schema of your website to let the search engines understand and rank a website accordingly.
Content Creation Icon

Content Creation

We deliver unique and targeted content that aligns with your business goals. The more authoritative and targeted your content, the higher conversions for your website.
Authority Building Icon

Authority Building

We grow your website’s expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness and influence through inbound links to highlight the importance to search engines.
Local Search Optimisation Icon

Local Search Optimisation

For businesses that are local, our dedicated team of SEO experts in Melbourne target keyphrases based on geographic location, to take advantage of your service location.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the reason users like you get found online.

When you type in a question or phrase into Google, Bing, YouTube or Facebook, you find answers on a page that are relevant to your search. This is called Search Engine Search Result Page (SERP).

Just because you have a website, you are not guaranteed a position on the SERP.

This requires maticulous work by SEO experts who know how to speak to the search bots.

SEO experts get through to search engine bots

Our first goal is to get your website ranking on the first page of search results using On-page SEO skills. Then we can look at increasing the conversion of your new visitors.

We want your potential customers to find you and trust the content you have on your website so the decision to use your product or service is easy.

Getting ranked on the first page of a search engine has become increasingly harder as algorithms change, software becomes smarter and competing businesses are increasing their focus on SEO.

Since we have been in business for over a decade, we consider ourselves SEO experts and have clients consistantly ranking on the first page quickly. 

As SEO Experts, here are just a few of our focus points

  • Focus Point #1

    Google’s Best Practice Guidelines

    Google lays out exactly what it would like from websites. We simply follow the guidlines. Clean architecture, great content delivery and showing the right information to the right audience. That is the number one way to ensure you have great SEO.

  • Focus Point #2

    High-Quality Content That Answers Queries

    Your site structure and internal linking strategy to the types of links you build. Make it your goal to have the best content on the web for your topic.

  • Focus Point #3

    Do You Have A Reputation?

    The overall reputation and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of a given company and the individuals who publish content on behalf of that company

    Customers are getting smarter and they expect more when it comes to marketing. The more they trust you, the more they are willing to share your content (links), talk about you (value), and buy your products (revenue).

  • Focus Point #4

    UX & Technical SEO

    The User Experience from the initial interaction in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) 

  • Focus Point #5

    Mobile SEO

    Think about creating your website with the mobile-first approach, then make them compatible for desktop.

  • Focus Point #6

    Structured Data

    Google’s AI is still learning about context so structuring your data is important, very important. Structuring data means that your website tells Google exactly what element is important, what an image is about, what is the important heading, Schema mark ups (sometimes known as rich snippets) and more.

  • Focus Point #7

    Link Building & Brand Building

    Think Zero-click searches have been a big reality in 2019. More and more brand marketing is happening on Google itself, and not necessarily on websites. Think, Found on the Web, Featured Snippet, People Also Ask, Maps, Events, News results. They don’t require the user to click to the website but display the information an so resolves the queried keyphrase.

We're a small team of SEO experts dedicated to helping local businesses with their SEO.

Running a discovery session is the starting point. We'll be able to determine where your business is at and how we can help you get to your goals.

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