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We understand that your website is your first point of contact with your customers and sometimes, it's your only point of contact. With this in mind, we focus on cultivating our knowledge of your business so we can give you the right advice for your website.

Sometimes, clients don't know what is possible from their website and can feel overwhelmed with the information that is out there.

We take the time to clarify your goals before we begin working withyou. We want you to feel comfortable to layout all your ideas on the table. We aid by providing solutions to your ideas.

Sometimes, you may already have a website but are looking to improve features that are currently lacking, or you require more leads from your online platform, or that you may be a business that requires more than one website. We understand that sometimes, it's not a simple website build and that you require bespoke solutions to your unique challenges.

We are a solution provider with a relationship approach...

to both you as a client and to your customers. Websites require a multitude of things to be "successful". If, for instance, you have a service based business and you require appointments to be made, we know that, you'll probably need the following:

  1. Video - best way for new visitors to get to know you and your business
  2. Printed materials - sending letters, brochures etc
  3. SEO - search engine optimisations to help you rank on Google
  4. Paid Online Advertising - fastest way to engage with people already looking for your service
  5. Online booking system

In some cases, you would have to engage separate businesses to provide all of these services. With us, you have full access to all services under the one roof. We harmonise your website marketing with your business goals.

Learn about new technologies that could save you time, convert more leads or make life easier for you. 

Here are just a few of our focus points
  • Focus Point #1

    Getting to know your business

    We love hearing about business owners goals for their business. It inspires us through the desig process to create a website that is in line with your dreams and aspirations.

  • Focus Point #2

    Check the data

    We research your audience and find out intimate details about them. We begin to know them better than they know themselves. Based on their likes and dislikes we visually start to see how they want to interact with your brand.

  • Focus Point #3

    Content is everything

    Users read the text on your site, watch the videos embeded and listen to audiofiles. Most of all, Google Robots scan your site for relevant content based on users search. So, we focus on the content as well as structure.

  • Focus Point #4

    UX & Technical SEO

    The User Experience from the initial interaction in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) 

  • Focus Point #5

    Mobile SEO

    We think about creating your website with the mobile-first approach, then make them compatible for desktop.

  • Focus Point #6

    Structured Content

    Google’s AI is still learning about context so structuring your data is important, very important. Structuring data means that your website tells Google exactly what element is important, what an image is about, what is the important heading, Schema mark ups (sometimes known as rich snippets) and more.

  • Focus Point #7

    Site Updates and Maintenance

    Once your website is live, do you want to be able to update it yourself or would you prefer to outsource? We have both options available for all our website designs.

We're a small team dedicated to helping local businesses with their websites.

Running a discovery session is the starting point. We'll be able to determine where your business is at and how we can help you get to your goals.

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