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Video Marketing For Small Businesses Made Easy

Video marketing for business is not a new concept, however, it’s now a critical part of your marketing strategy.

Video marketing is now used on every platform and if you are not doing some form of video marketing, you might find yourself falling behind your competitors.

If it isn't already, video should definitely be apart of your overall marketing strategy. The positive news for those that haven't gotten into video just yet, is that it has never been easier to create a high-quality video. 

small business owner sitting in front of a bookshelf being filmed for video marketing video

What is video marketing anyway?

Video marketing for small business is the process of using video to promote a product, service or strategy to your target audience.

Promotional videos for small businesses can increase engagement on all social platforms while you are educating your audience in a fun and informative way.

Is video content right for my business?

It’s no surprise that over the last decade video marketing has heavily increased. Consumers crave more engagement from brands and a more personal experience through the social channels they frequent.

Consumers expect videos now and if your brand is not producing engaging and personal content, your consumers are likely to switch off.

And what's more engaging and entertaining than video?

Videos are sought after by consumers and have proven to increase conversion rates on ecommerce websites and increase open rates of emails when you share video. Video engages your audience and enables consumers to build trust with your brand.

In recent years, video has completely changed the way businesses market to their consumers and the way consumers shop with their chosen brands.

Video does not exist to solely increase brand awareness, it's also a great way to convert clicks into sales and consumers into referrers.

When videos are posted to social media and analytics are reviewed there is solid data for sales and marketing teams too. This can give a clear insight into consumers buying behaviour and gives strong indications on consumers likes and dislikes.

a young couple watching videos together on their phones and smiling

Types of video

The reasons to use small business video marketing are plenty, just think of all the types of videos out there on the web. Even if you're not in a notoriously "sexy" industry, there's plenty of ways to convey important information to prospects that are interesting and engaging.

Before you begin filming or engaging a digital marketing agency to create your video, you need to consider what you are wanting to communicate. The purpose needs to be clear. What are you hoping to achieve from sharing this video content? 

Brand Awareness

It might be launching a new product or service, showcasing your new offices, a ‘meet the team’ video, sharing customer stories, troubleshooting videos and training tutorials for staff which can be uploaded to an internal shared drive.

Perhaps you want to communicate your mission and vision to your consumers, while educating them on what sets you apart from your competitors? Brand awareness videos get your business out there and introduce you and your product or service to the world.


Videos are a fabulous way to engage with new consumers or a new market segment through social media. If a potential client ‘likes’ your video content, they are more likely to ‘share’ this with their friends and in turn provide a larger network for you to reach. If your video is clever or interesting enough, you might just get users sharing it for you, making your video that much more valuable.

Lead Generation

Videos can not only help you get your point across quickly and effectively in your marketing, but they can also be used as a clever lead capturing tool. 

By giving interested prospects an introduction to your service or some useful tips about something they care about in exchange for their email address, you can build an invaluable database of leads.

Demo Videos

Are you wanting to show your consumer how your product works and what the benefits are of using your product? Are there certain troubleshooting tips you want to share with your consumer, or is there a special way to clean and service your product?

Demo videos are a great way to educator users while explaining the benefits of your product/service.

Woman filming herself in her bedroom demonstrating make up products

Event Videos

Event videos are a fantastic way to not only increase attendees but to also increase excitement around your event. While at your event, videos can showcase what the event entails and encourage consumers to attend future events. In recent COVID times, event videos have been used to ensure events can go ahead and reach target audiences in the comfort of their own homes.

How-to Videos

Marketing through videos builds relationships with your consumers and increases their brand loyalty. Sharing a fun animated video, a ‘how to’ tutorial or entertaining content causes your consumer to feel part of your brand and a valued member of your network.

Small business video production is a great tool for sharing knowledge. Consumers love nothing more than to get something for free and if you can share knowledge through video or an expert interview, your engagement will go through the roof.

It can also help educate your audience, making you a subject authority and bringing them closer to sale.

Woman being filmed on a phone sitting in a beer garden

Live Videos

Live videos are a great way to reach consumers and excite your audience. There is nothing more engaging than live video, as the consumer can directly communicate with you though the chat function, asking questions on the fly and getting an instant response.

If you're game to go live and feel comfortable in front of the camera, it can be a great introduction to you for your potential clients. Go on superstar!

Virtual Tours

Another use for video marketing for business is virtual tours. Virtual tours and virtual marketing has never been more important than in recent times.

Real estate agents, schools and universities just to name a few have been reaping the rewards during COVID of offering their audience the convenience of virtual tours.

Virtual tours offer the consumer the option of viewing a space in the comfort of their own home, while removing the pressure of buying on the spot or travelling to site.

a computer screen showing video editing software

Planning and producing your video

When you are planning a video, either working on your own or with a digital marketing agency, there is a few things you need to remember. To ensure success and return on investment, make sure you take the time to plan. Be sure to have a clear goal and a metrics for success, what are your key performance indicators?

Before you turn on the camera, be sure to have a script for more formal videos and a clear idea of what you wish to communicate in more casual communications. Practice, practice, practice! Just pointing and shooting a camera is a thing of the past and your message will be missed. Be sure you know your topic, know what you are saying and how to say it.

Be prepared to edit your footage. This step is easy when working with a digital marketing agency as they take the headaches out of this process. If editing yourself, be sure to use professional video editing software, there are a few free versions on the web, just ensure its user friendly.

Remember, using animations, text, music and voice overs can set your video apart from your competitors and ensure your video is actually worth watching.

Interactive and engaging content through video is exciting and encourages your consumers to share your message.

While filming and editing video can be fun, it can take a lot of hours in planning, production and editing to make a high quality video.

It can be a wise idea to outsource your video marketing as it can save you time and money in the process, while also providing a solid boost to your marketing strategy.

A video is also a great marketing tool because although it can be a higher cost content piece, once you make it, it can used repeatedly and on various platforms, making it an invaluable asset for your marketing. When done correctly, and marketed effectively, video can provide a huge ROI for your business.

woman in leopard print blouse filming herself using a selfie light and phone

Thinking about using video in your business's marketing?

If you're considering video marketing for your business get in touch with us today. We can help you get your message out there in an entertaining and effective way to help you grow your business.

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Published 14 June 2021
Written by Rhiannon Mason

A content marketing provider with a relationship approach.

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