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Scripting your 90 second promo for a service in 5 easy steps

You've got a wonderful service that will change peoples lives for the better and now you want to tell the world. You may be intending to use your video on your website or social platforms to introduce yourself and your company. This post will cover exactly what you have to think about when writing a script for a 90 second promo for your service.

What do you want to say? Having 90 seconds to answer this may seem like eternity or it might seem like it's simply not enough. This post will discuss what to consider when scripting your 90 second promotional video for services.

There are a few elements that make a great promo video for services that is informative and exciting. Let's focus on the script. Your audience needs to know:

  1. "What?" - Your audience doesn't want to watch a random video that pops up on their screen. You need to let them know that it's relevant to them. What is your video about?
  2. "Who?" - Who should and who shouldn't watch this video?
  3. "Why?" - Why should the viewer trust you?
  4. "How?" - How can you help?
  5. "What do I do?" - Clear instructions on what they do after the video. 

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A few quick notes before writing your 90 second promo script:

  1. 90 seconds roughly translates to 220 words (average pace 2.5 words per second).
  2. You want to get the viewer to urgently do what you ask because as soon as they see something else on the screen. They will focus on that instead.

What problem(s) will you solve and why you are better?

Let's say you're at a store need a new kitchen knife. A sales person approaches you and says that "Knife $$$" is what you’re looking for.

Great... but why?

The sales person would have to answer you by saying something like "it's balanced, so your wrist is supported with every slice" or "it's made from unobtanium, so it will never go blunt"

Your target audience needs to hear this about your product/service, so they can start to super impose your product/service to aid them.

If you are promoting a service, include the authority aspect of the person providing the service. Who are you and why should people listen to you? This should include any accolades, positions, experiences that would give you authority on the problem that they need to solve.

Who is the right person to watch the video?

Sometimes, if you have a time poor person watching the video, they will assume that it's not relevant for them. You have to be clear about who you want to attract. For example, if someone wants to quit smoking, you could say something like - "if you're tried tablets, cold turkey and patches and still haven't had success, then maybe this is for you"

Your audience needs to know "why".

Time is precious, your audience needs to know why they should spend it with you. Why do they need to attend? This is where we lay out the problem they need solved. The problem statement is crucial for creating a relatable introduction in a short promo. The more specific the problems you solve, the stronger the bond you form with a more focused audience.

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How can you help?

What do you do differently? What authority do you have? Why should I trust you? What past results have you accomplished? These are all questions that would go through someone's mind so, answer them and give them something to relate to.

Call to ACTION

This might seem obvious, but you'll be surprised how many people leave this out (in videos and websites). What the heck do you want your audience to do?

Make it easy and if you can, give them a reason to do it right away. You may want to have an expiration date or have limited slots available, so it inspires people to act quickly.

Other considerations for your video

  1. Get your sound clear and invest in a decent microphone.
  2. You will probably need some interesting visuals to go with the video (or B-Roll) unless you want a simple talking head solution.
  3. If you have your own recorded B-Roll. It's a great idea to include location, action or doing something, talking to an audience, you being you.
  4. If you're the talent in front of the video and if there is anything you are not comfortable with, please feel free to voice your opinion.

What is a "talking head" video?

A talking head video is a video taken of a person giving information or opinions about a subject where only the head and sholders can be seen on the video. There may be some interesting lighting and backgrounds but basically it's a simple video of a person talking.

We happen to create promotional videos for clients just like you. So, if you would like to chat with us about some options and ideas. Please contact us.


Published 30 March 2021
Written by Andre Content

A content marketing provider with a relationship approach.

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